Galatians 6:14

But God forbid that I should boast except in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ, by whom the world has been crucified to me, and I to the world.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone! I pray that everyone had a great day celebrating Jesus, because HE is the reason for the season. 

Numbers 24:17-19
"I see him, but not now; I behold him, but not near: 
a star shall come out of Jacob, 
   and a scepter shall rise out of Israel; 
it shall crush the forehead of Moab 
   and break down all the sons of Sheth. 
Edom shall be dispossessed; 
   Seir also, his enemies, shall be dispossessed. 
   Israel is doing valiantly. 
And one from Jacob shall exercise dominion 
   and destroy the survivors of cities!”

A Christmas Carol by Samuel Taylor Coleridge-

The shepherds went their hasty way,
And found the lowly stable-shed
Where the Virgin-Mother lay:
And now they checked their eager tread,
For to the Babe, that at her bosom clung,
A Mother's song the Virgin-Mother sung.
They told her how a glorious light,
Streaming from a heavenly throng.
Around them shone, suspending night!
While sweeter than a mother's song,
Blest Angels heralded the Savior's birth,
Glory to God on high! and Peace on Earth.
She listened to the tale divine,
And closer still the Babe she pressed:
And while she cried, the Babe is mine!
The milk rushed faster to her breast:
Joy rose within her, like a summer's morn;
Peace, Peace on Earth! the Prince of Peace is born.
Thou Mother of the Prince of Peace,
Poor, simple, and of low estate!
That strife should vanish, battle cease,
O why should this thy soul elate?
Sweet Music's loudest note, the Poet's story,
Didst thou ne'er love to hear of fame and glory?
And is not War a youthful king,
A stately Hero clad in mail?
Beneath his footsteps laurels spring;
Him Earth's majestic monarchs hail
Their friends, their playmate! and his bold bright eye
Compels the maiden's love-confessing sigh.
Tell this in some more courtly scene,
To maids and youths in robes of state!
I am a woman poor and mean,
And wherefore is my soul elate.
War is a ruffian, all with guilt defiled,
That from the aged father's tears his child!
A murderous fiend, by fiends adored,
He kills the sire and starves the son;
The husband kills, and from her board
Steals all his widow's toil had won;
Plunders God's world of beauty; rends away
All safety from the night, all comfort from the day.
Then wisely is my soul elate,
That strife should vanish, battle cease:
I'm poor and of low estate,
The Mother of the Prince of Peace.
Joy rises in me, like a summer's morn:
Peace, Peace on Earth! The Prince of Peace is born!

Nollaig chridheil agus Bliadhma mhath ur!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Weekend Fun

I had such a fantastic weekend! I got to spends it with my best friend in NC.  My sister Faith went with me because Hannah is her best friend, so ended up working great because I didn't want to drive by myself :) On Friday, by the time we got there it was time to prepare dinner, so we made pizza for pizza/movie night. Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures, but wow, nothing beats homemade pizza! And for the movie we watched "Polar Express" a sure Christmas classic. Saturday started early, we were up by 7 am getting ready to go into town. Us girls have started a new tradition whenever we get together and that's going to a Coffee Shop to hang out, talk, and drink coffee. There's a fabulous shop called "Dunkin Grind" that we went to. Then we watched Nate test and get his yellow belt in karate. Congratulations Nate!! After the karate test we were off on an adventure to find the perfect Christmas tree, a mission that was very successful ;) Then we went and got some yummy hot chocolate from a quaint country store called the "Mercantile". And back home. The evening was filled with Dutch Blitz tournaments, family fun, and encouraging conversations. Sunday we went to church, and the pastor talked about Jesus being THE good Shepherd, and what a sweet reminder it was to me to know that as the Good Shepherd, He leads me in the way everlasting. We had lunch with some of the Edmondsons friends and had a great time of fellowship. For the ready of the day we just hung out and chilled, a much needed day of rest! We ended the evening by watching Sherlock Holmes, with Basil Rathbone. And the next morning Faith and I returned home.

Thank you sweet friends for the great time we had with you! Your hospitality was/is much appreciated! I look forward to seeing you much sooner than later. Love you, sweet ladies!

In Christ,