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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Feelin' Feminine 7 Day Challenge- Day 1

OK, so this is actually my 3rd time doing it, but this time I'm posting pictures. :)
I hope that you will try it! And please leave me a comment of your experience!

The Challenge:
The challenge is to wear only skirts/dresses for an entire week of seven days, and then post a photo of your outfits (head to toe) on your blog. If you don’t have exactly seven different skirts, that’s alright. Mix and match with different shirts. We can be not only feminine and modest, but frugal too!
What is on the inside will show on the outside so dressing in a feminine manner in this way shows what we desire and strive for at the heart. Why dresses and skirts, you ask? Read through the websites. Dressing in a feminine manner doesn’t mean you must loose your respectability. It means you value your respectability and honour to the Father and to yourself more than you value fashion.
If you want to “personalize” your outfit a bit more you can add a hat, a scarf, a headband, a matching purse  – whatever you like! You can also style your hair in different ways each day. Just remember to remember your goal is not to be fashionable or blend in with the world, but to be set apart in everything!

DAY 1:
Today I was at home and decided to go casual. I am wearing a brown shirt that I got from Goodwill and a brown skirt that was sewn by me. 

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