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Monday, May 2, 2011

My Life Thus Far, Part 2

Hello friends!

Well, I am continuing/finishing my post on "My Life Thus Far" as promised, I have not forgotten :)

The last weekend of March was a special weekend for Faith and I because we got to spend the weekend with our wonderful father at the beautiful Callaway Gardens in Georgia for the Vision Forum Father and Daughter Retreat. It was a treat to also be with our best friends the Edmondsons during the duration of the weekend, and fathers and daughters from church! 

It was a time of spiritual refreshing and bonding with dad. We had so much fun hanging out and reconnecting with dad. We got an overdose of wonderful teaching (not a bad thing at all!), got to have high tea, did a few photo shoots, watched a hailstorm, and had so much fun being together. 

We had talks on adventurous femininity, what a good young man is looking for in wife, the role of daughters in the home, protecting the daughter, and so much more! I plan on doing separate posts on the details of the messages we heard there.

The best thing about the weekend for me was, besides getting to knowing Jesus yet even more, was the time God allowed us to spend with dad. I treasure every single moment of these times.

  It was absolutely gorgeous there, and I was blessed by how many fathers and daughters were there!

It was so great to be together and spend the time with dad! We had an absolute blast playing out on the lawn and enjoying the beautiful day. 

The high tea was...yummy :) Though I have to admit, I was really hoping for more food and I had gotten excited about having scones with devonshire cream and crumpets, but alas, my hopes were dashed and we ended up not having those.
We enjoyed dressing up and taking these photos. 

So we had some crazy weather while we were there. It hailed badly and rained hard...

Faith and I had fun posing and taking these pictures:

And then just a few random pictures Faith and I took to say "hey" :)

I did some photographic shoots of the area and love to take pictures of nature in general, so this is the website where you can find all my works: Beauty Rising 
p.s. the site is still in the works :)

The funny thing is, there has been so much more change in my life thus far...I guess that is why I blog, I will never get caught up on my life thus far, because it is forever changing. 

The blessing of the Lord be upon you,

~Isaiah 28:6

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