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But God forbid that I should boast except in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ, by whom the world has been crucified to me, and I to the world.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Drama, drama!

Dear Friends,

Well, it has been quite a while since I have posted and boy, do I have a lot to say!

First- couple weeks back we got a phone call from my grandma (affectionately known as GG) that she has cancer. We were beside ourselves because GG is one of the healthiest and strongest women we know! So she took a week off to go to Minnesota to visit my uncle and his two beautiful children. Couple days later we put her on a plane to come here to Virginia and have an appointment at Danville Regional. God, being the wonderful God that He is, had already planned a couple of things for GG's benefit. Mom had emailed a surgeon that we know here in town for recommendations and he emailed back a few hours later with a marvelous recommendation for a  GYN that he himself had done surgery with. So we cancelled GG's appointment at Danville Regional and made one here at Carilion (which is 10 whole minutes from our house!) At her appointment, the doctor said that they treat a ton of her conditions a year, and that 75% of all the cases were curable by surgery. What an encouragement to us! GG had her surgery June 24, and the doctor found more cancer cells than were expected. Saturday was an awful day for her, she was feeling so nauseated and so sick. She came home yesterday morning and has been resting a lot, we believe that she is very well on her way to recovery, for which we are so grateful for.

Second- Last week our horses broke some of the fencing and got into the grain. Our thoroughbred Chance, became very sick. We were up late that night checking on him and making sure that the banamine was taking affect.
The most sad thing happened yesterday, one of our horses died. It happened and we are heartbroken. Prelude, who was born on our farm and, was such a loving and sweet horse. She had given birth to a little colt while we were in New Zealand this May. She died last night after the vet came out. Her temperature was at 107 degrees, which is not normal for a horse. But she was strong and tried to hold on as long as she could. I will miss my little Pre-Pre :(

Third- Today has been full of drama too. Prelude's colt, Diego, was sick today, had to get the vet out for him. The diagnosis was salmonella, which was passed on from his mom, Prelude. He had a wee little temperature, but nothing major and nothing antibiotics won't take care of. So now we have to bottle feed him for a while, and then wean him. So that is that. Then, our puppy Ciara, got stuck under our kitchen cabinets and about broke her neck! We were screaming and trying to help her wiggle her way out, which she did, but oh my, what a scare!

Phew! Sometimes the drama just has to stop! lol :)

But through everything that has been going on, God has been so faithful to us. I can't really explain it, but its like in every situation, no matter how hard it may be or has been, He is and has given us a peace that passes all understanding, and it is like, no matter what happens or has happened, He has everything under control. It humbles me. And I am constantly in awe of my Savior.

His bondservant,

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